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Although most appointments can be made online, be careful to follow the following instructions to ensure the best possible care.


 To shedule an appointment, click on "RDV Online" at the end of this page. 

1st appointment?

Please take a look here.

For a blood test

Your dog/cat must be on an empty stomach at least 8 hours before the appointment:

he should therefore not not eat, but he can drink.

It is therefore preferable to make an appointment on MORNING.

Your rabbit/rodent can continue to eat.


If a blood test is not possible on the day of the appointment (eg too stressed animal), a new appointment will be fixed.

For a urine analysis

Appointments for a urine test are ideally made early in the morning.

Your dog should not be taken out before the appointment and your cat's litter box should be removed in the morning.

For a 2nd opinion

Please send us beforehand the report of the referring veterinarian (if applicable) and all the results of analyzes (blood, x-rays, etc.)

For a behavioural consultation

Please send us the completed behavior questionnaire beforehand.

Please download the behavior questionnaire here:

FR:                                EN:

Attention: No additional tests (blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound,...) will be carried out at the first appointment.

To pick up food / medication

In order to avoid any additional stress to our fearful, stressed and reactive patients, the withdrawal of medicines  or food ordered is done by appointment. 

For surgery or treatment/tests under sedation

No appointments of this type cannot be made online.

Please contact us by phone!

Couldn't reach us on the phone?

send us aemail!

NEW: Choose your vet

When you book your appointment, you can choose the veterinary surgeon who will be treating your pet:

Dr. Palleva Laurence: dogs, cats, rabbits

Dr. Ossola Valentina: dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish

HaseKatzeHund Illu Tapeit Homepage Banner Web.jpg

Make an appointment

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Looking forward to seeing you very soon in our office!

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