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Fear Free?

The mission of the “Fear Free” concept is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in animals during their visit to the veterinary practice.


Certified Fear Free “Fear Free Certified Vet”, Dr. Palleva promotes practices that protect the emotional and physical well-being of her patients.

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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. (WHO)


By taking into account the physical and emotional well-being of the animals during the consultation, the quality of life of our companions is significantly improved.


When an animal does not allow itself to be examined or treated, it is often because it is stressed or afraid.


By eliminating or reducing your pet's fear, anxiety and stress in the office, it will be easier to examine and treat it in case of illness and the annual visits will be less stressful for you and your Loulou..

For who?

The "Fear Free" concept is specially designed for fearful, stressed animals with behavioural problems.

But all animals benefit!


All animals benefit from
Fear Free!


At PalleVet, we do everything to make the visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible, for our patients and their owners.


We adapt our approach to each patient and continue to develop new techniques that reduce stress and fear in our patients.


Here are some methods that help us relax your pet from arrival to departure.


The entrance to the practice is only 5 steps from the car and vice versa.


This is ideal for dogs with generalized anxiety or fear of riding in a car.

ZEN waiting time

Our separate waiting rooms (dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents) allow our patients to wait in peace.

Your dog is very fearful? No problem! At PalleVet, you can wait in your car until your turn, or go directly to the consultation room without having to go through the waiting room.

1 Dog at a time

For dogs that are reactive to other dogs, we make every effort to schedule appointments so that there is only one dog in our waiting room at a time. At the end of the visit, you can use our 2nd exit, to avoid passing the next dog. This greatly reduces stress during the visit.


Upon arrival at the office, dogs are allowed to roam freely in our waiting room to get acquainted with the place and to sniff around.


This has a calming effect on the dog who is naturally interested in all smells.


During our consultations, we spoil our patients with lots of treats to distract them from the exams and to reward them for their cooperation.

If your Loulou is rather fussy, don't give him anything to eat before the visit and bring back his favourite treats!

Play Time

Besides treats, we use different distraction techniques, eg toys, to make your pet comfortable when we give injections for example.


In the Fear Free concept, the consultation time at the PalleVet veterinary practice is voluntarily extended to allow the necessary acclimatisation time for your companion, to examine our patients at their own pace and to give you all the necessary information and explanations.


With our gentle, calm and empathetic approach to animals, our patients feel very comfortable. And when we see that the stress, fear or discomfort of an animal exceeds a certain threshold, we are sometimes led to interrupt a procedure (if the patient's state of health allows it). In this case, the procedure will be postponed and planned differently.

Zen attitude

We use pheromones, aromatherapy and relaxing music which have a calming effect on the central nervous system of our patients .


Maybe you can benefit from this too!

Byebye Table

At PalleVet, your dogs do not have to be on a consultation table to be examined, but they can be on the floor, on a comfortable duvet, on a sofa or in your arms.

We adapt to make your pet as comfortable as possible during the consultation.

Clean and Pure

After each visit, the blankets are changed and the surfaces and floor of the consultation room are cleaned with a special product that thoroughly cleans and eliminates the odours and pheromones of our patients so that the next animal feels at ease.

VIP Exit

Our 2nd exit door is ideal for reactive dogs with generalized anxiety as it avoids the encounter with subsequent owners and patients.


Good to know

Fear Free doesn't mean your pet will never have an uncomfortable experience at the vet - as they may be injured or sick after all - but we do our best to minimize their stress and fear during the consultation.

While we do our best to limit waiting time and to avoid crossing paths with animals, emergencies can sometimes disrupt the planned schedule at the practice. We thank you for your understanding!

We offer if necessary:

Mini Visit

The "Mini Visit" is free of charge at the PalleVet veterinary practice. It will last between 5 to 10 minutes and allows dogs to get to know the veterinary practice and staff in a calm atmosphere. They can explore the room at their own pace, without being asked or examined. While the Mini Visit is designed specifically for dogs who are scared at the vet's office, puppies and young dogs also benefit.

Read more about the Mini Visit

Happy Visit

The "Happy Visit" is a visit to the PalleVet veterinary practice that prepares animals for specific procedures, such as a general examination, injections, blood tests etc. The Happy Visit is conducted at the animal's own pace and in a respectful manner to get the animal used to veterinary procedures without stress or fear.


Read more about our Happy Visits

A Bit of Magic

If your pet is very fearful in general or cannot tolerate the car, we will prescribe PVP's (Pre-Visit Pharmaceuticals), medications that aim to reduce the stress and fear associated with veterinary visits.


More information

Outdoor Consultations

In some cases, dogs are so stressed that they do not want to enter the practice or show extreme signs of stress when handled inside the practice. Examinations or treatments, such as blood tests or injections with sedatives, can be carried out outside or even in the car.


Please let us know if your dog requires such treatment.


5 Star Hospitalisation

Our hospital rooms are separated by species.

The cats are housed away from the dogs, and enjoy an exceptional view of nature. In addition, the cages are equipped according to the Gold Standard of Cat Friendly (spacious, hammock, integrated heating, ...).

The rabbit cages are bright and our patients are spoiled with fresh vegetables/grass and high quality hay.

Our dog ward does not have cages, but boxes without bars to make them feel at home.

Your Presence during Induction and Wake-up

If your cat or dog needs sedation or anaesthesia, you will be present during the induction. Your pet will not wait alone in a cage, but will fall asleep quietly in your presence. For anxious and reactive dogs, your presence during the awakening has only beneficial effects for your dog's mental health: a calm and gentle awakening, without stress or fear. Our patients love to return to us after an operation.

Working with Behaviourists

Dr. Palleva is not a veterinary behaviourist herself, but her mission is to confirm or rule out medical causes that may be responsible for behavioural problems by offering consultations and complementary examinations within the concept of "Fear Free". In addition, she prescribes and accompanies treatments that can improve the mental well-being of the patient during training with a behaviourist.

Mini Visit

Mini Visit

Mini Visit ? - How your dog learns to love visits to the vet!


A Mini Visit is designed to give dogs a positive experience at the vet. They can be used to establish or maintain a positive emotional connection with the veterinarian's office, or to try to overcome the fear of the veterinarian.

During a Mini Visit, which will last between 5-10 Minutes, dogs have the opportunity to get to know the veterinary practice and staff in a calm atmosphere. Your dog can explore the room at his own pace, without being asked anything or being examined.


Mini Visits can be repeated as often as necessary and can be continued afterwards to maintain positive contact with the practice and its staff.


If necessary and if the dog is ready, it will be possible to introduce Happy Visits which prepare the animals for medical examinations and care. Read more about Happy Visits.


Your dog can learn to associate the visit to the vet with something positive and to return in the future in a more relaxed and enjoyable way!

How does a Mini Visit work?


  • Make an appointment - the visit is free

  • Schedule the visit when your dog is hungry so that the treats given at the clinic can be enjoyed even more. We have plenty of treats and toys but you can bring your dog's favourite treats, favourite toy and favourite bed or mat.

  • Start handing out treats on arrival in the car, in front of the practice and in the waiting room.

  • Upon arrival, Dr. Palleva or Helene, our veterinary assistant, will ask you to loosen the leash so that your dog can explore the practice at his own pace.

  • By handing out treats, playing and cuddling, your dog will get to know our team in a relaxed atmosphere.


For whom?


  • Puppies: Prepare puppies for stress-free visits to the vet's office by starting Mini Visits at an early age. They get to know the vet in a fun and playful atmosphere to prevent fear of the vet. See also our Happy Visits for puppies.

  • Teenage dogs: Pets who are going to be neutered are ideal candidates for our Mini Visits, as they help to minimise fear before the operation and reduce post-operative anxiety.

  • Dogs who are stressed or afraid of the vet: By engaging in a series of Mini Visits, your dog's anxiety will eventually subside, allowing him to relax on his next vet visits.

  • Adult dogs who are not afraid of the vet: For dogs who show no signs of fear at the vet, Mini Visits are the best prevention in case they need medical attention in the future.

  • Dogs that need more time to get used to other people: Our team understands that not all dogs like everyone they meet, and that's okay! Some dogs may need more time to get used to humans, and we will help them with this transition through our Mini Visits.


If you would like to schedule a Mini Visit with your pet, please call us on 26 37 54 22 or book an appointment online. Our Mini Visits are completely free of charge, last 5-10 minutes and should be scheduled to avoid any encounters with other dogs or people.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Visit

Happy Visit

Happy Visit? - How your pets gain or regain confidence at the vet!

The "Happy Visit" prepares animals for specific procedures, such as a general examination, injections, blood tests etc. The Happy Visit is conducted at the animal's own pace and in a respectful manner to get them used to veterinary procedures without stress or fear.

Our Happy Visits help animals who do not allow themselves to be examined at the vet's, to gain or regain confidence in the vet and to accept examinations without fear or stress.

By reducing or eliminating stress and fear at the vet, it will be much easier to examine and treat the animal in the future.

During our Happy Visits, Dr. Palleva uses techniques such as desensitisation and classical counter-conditioning to teach the patient to participate in veterinary care. Happy Visits can also include medical intervention and advanced training techniques, for example, cooperative veterinary care without restraint (medical training).

How does a Happy Visit work?

  • The patient enters the consultation room.

  • After getting acquainted with the room, the animal sits on the floor, on a duvet or on a sofa.

  • If the animal can tolerate it, Dr. Palleva performs a mock physical examination or short examination segments.

  • We use these Happy Visits to familiarise the animals with equipment such as the stethoscope, otoscope, syringes and swabs.If tolerated by the animal, Dr. Palleva uses the equipment (stethoscope, otoscope, syringes, etc.) to touch the patient and gradually simulate its actual use.

  • If at any point the patient becomes anxious or stressed, the visit is interrupted.

  • PVP's that help reduce anxiety and stress can be used. This relaxes the animal and makes it easier to learn new behaviours.


For whom?

  • Puppies or kittens: getting puppies and kittens used to medical examinations and care in a calm and playful atmosphere in order to prevent fear of the vet

  • Animals that are afraid of specific examinations e.g. general examination, auscultation, injection, sampling,... or that refuse medical examinations following a negative experience (e.g. ear examination after an otitis)

  • Owners who are motivated to minimise the use of manual restraint and who wish to teach their animals to actively participate in their medical care (medical training - cooperative care).

The frequency of Happy Visits can vary depending on the patient. Sometimes they may be scheduled weekly and the strategy may require several visits or even months, but very committed pet owners greatly appreciate this service.


A Bit of Magic

Some patients have very high levels of anxiety and need additional help which our Mini or Happy Visits can provide. If necessary, we prescribe a anxiolytics, other calming medication or a soothing supplement to make the car journey and consultation more pleasant and less frightening for the pet.


For immediate medical needs, patients with high levels of fear should be sedated, not only to facilitate care, but also to avoid creating long-term emotional scars that are sometimes irretrievable. In the long term, these patients need a combination of pharmaceutical aids to treat their anxiety, further behaviour modification and desensitisation and counter-conditioning to speed up future visits.

Are you ready?

Can you imagine your dog wagging his tail telling you “Yaaayyy, let’s go to the vet!” Or does your cat happily jump into its transport box?


At PalleVet, it's possible!


Be brave, come and discover a different approach to veterinary medicine:   


 The “Fear Free”


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Make an appointment!

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