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In some cases, the Fear Free methods used at PalleVet are not enough to make the visit pleasant for your pet.


That's why we work with two Certified Fear Free behaviourists to provide your Louie with the help he needs:

Lisa Longo from Animal-Academie and Lindsay Tonneau from Lupi-Comportement.

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Lisa Longo


Fear Free Professional


Lindsay Barrel


Fear Free Professional

Dr. Palleva

Dr. Palleva Laurence

Veterinarian and founder of the veterinary practice PalleVets which opened its doors at the end of 2021 in Dahlem.

Practicing veterinary medicine for 11 years, I take care of my patients with love, gentleness and patience. Passionate by my profession, I do everything possible for the well-being of your companions.

Certified “Fear Free” Since 2021, I have paid close attention to the emotional well-being of animals and use practices that protect and promote the physical and mental well-being of my patients.


While I adore ALL animals, I have a huge crush on bunnies: that's why I specialised in medicine, surgery and dentistry of rabbits.

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Good to know

Dr. Palleva is not a veterinary behaviorist, but as a certified "Fear Free" veterinarian, she sees mostly dogs with behavioral problems (including generalized anxiety). Working closely with behaviorists, her role is to confirm or rule out medical causes that may be responsible for behavioral problems by offering consultations and complementary examinations within the concept of "fear free". She also prescribes and accompanies treatments that can improve the patient's mental well-being during training with a behaviorist.

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